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The INNOVA SWIRLY Mini Golf Disc is approximately 4 inches in diameter (10 CM) and is used to mark your golf disc after you’ve thrown your drive, approach, or putt. If you’re going to throw the same disc, you need to mark it before picking it up. This is where the mini disc is used!


Trippy Swirly Mini

PDGA Approved Mini Marker!

The Swirly Mini is PDGA Approved for Marking Your Lie. The Professional Disc Golf Association Rule States: You don’t need to mark your shot after each throw, but you can not touch the disc until you’ve marked it with a Legal Marker. If you want to throw the same disc again…you MUST mark it with an approved marker. And, FLIPPING the disc isn’t allowed and is BREAKING THE RULES!


The Innova Swirly Mini Disc is available in some BEAUTIFUL MARBLED colors! Availability is limited!

Mark Your Shot!

Marking your lie is EASY and it will make you a better disc golfer. So, MARK your disc properly and Forget about It!

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Pink, Yellow


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