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Swag with Confidence!

We stock some COOL Legacy Disc Golf Swag and if you're a Legacy Disc's Fan...we're Confident it will increase your Swagger! Here's a great way to Confidently show your Legacy Support!

Get Your Swag On!

Legacy has you covered with Minis, Towels, and Wristbands, that are available in assorted colors. Legacy's Novelty Items are produced with excellent quality materials that look and feel great!

Large Orders Welcome!

Large or Special orders for Legacy Discs, Disc Bags, Sportswear, Headwear, and Legacy Swag are available. Please Contact-Us if you have any questions about any Legacy Product.


$2.99 w/$4.00 Flat-rate Shipping!

Legacy Mini Marker Discs are used to mark your shot, or for a game of Mini Golf. Legacy's Mini is available in a bunch of colors and is made from durable plastic that flies very good!

Mark Your Shot w/Confidence!

The PDGA rules state you must mark your shot with an approved mini before retrieving it! Flipping your disc is against the rules and shouldn't be done...so get a MINI and forget about it!

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$2.99 w/$4.00 Flat-rate Shipping.

If you're looking for another way to show you're a Legacy Golf Discs FAN...here you go! Legacy's Wristbands are Cooler than Canada, and feature Legacy's Logo and Motto..."Play With Confidence!"

Your Towel Will Thank You!

The Legacy Wristband can be worn on someone's wrist, or ankle...if you're really thin! Or, it can be looped through your disc golf bag's strap and used to hang a towel on [that's what we do]!

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$8.99 w/$4.00 Flat-rate Shipping.

If you're looking for the best Disc Golf Towel...you've found it! Legacy Golf Towels are Thick and Plush, and feature a large Legacy 1st Run Logo silk screened on top. This golf towel is hemmed and has no stringy material hanging off it to attract burrs. One quality brass grommet is installed and a towel ring is included.

These are Very Limited!

The Legacy Towel is available in various colors, but is [limited in availability] and like all Legacy products...they always go fast!

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Legacy's Finest!

All Disc Golf Towels are Cool...in their own way! But, the Coolest Towel of them all is the Legacy Golf Towel!

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We're Here For You!

Please Contact-Us if you have a questions about any Legacy Disc or Product...we can help!

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Free Shipping on orders of $29.00 and up. Orders under $59.00 are $3.99 Flat-rate for all orders of Golf Discs, Disc Golf Bags, and Gear.

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