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Take It Home!

Legacy Fairway Drivers are very accurate and are designed to take you from the Fairway; the Rest of the Way Home with Confidence! So, you can Go Home a Winner! Legacy has a fine selection of Fairway Discs in 7,8, & 9 Speed molds. All Legacy Fairway Drivers are produced in Icon Edition Plastic. The Pinnacle Rival, Pinnacle Patriot, and Excel Patriot are also part of Legacy's production line-up.

Some are Stable!

The Pinnacle Edition Rival is Legacy's 1st Fairway Driver and there's an Icon Edition Rival available as well. This is a stable 7-Speed that doesn't mind a head-wind. The Rivals are very similar to an Innova Champion TeeBird. The Icon Phenom an 8-Speed F-D that's a Souped-Up Rival. Another Stable-disc is the 9-Speed Icon Edition Enemy, which has a flight comparable to Innova's Star FireBird.

Some are Less Stable!

The 9-Speed Icon Edition Bandit and the 9-Speed Icon-Edition Mongoose can be chucked very far with accuracy and could be the Best of the Bunch! The Icon Patriot, Pinnacle Patriot, and Excel Edition Patriot are straight flyers that are PERFECT for Beginners.

Get Your Readers Out!

You should read this! The information contained on this page will help you find a Legacy FAIRWAY DRIVER that's best for your level and style of play. Also, Please read our Legacy Disc Plastics Page to get familiar with Legacy's Plastic Editions.


Legacy's Best Fairway Driver!

Legacy's debut of the Icon-Edition Bandit came on 10.21.2013 and it was their 9th disc molded. This is Legacy's 1st [9-Speed] and it is only produced in high-end Icon Edition plastic. The Icon Bandit is more expensive, and worth it! Because, it'll be Stealing your opponent's entry fees for years!

Precision Accuracy!

People tend to think Faster is Better in this Sport, but it isn't always TRUE! If you haven't the arm to throw a 12-14 velocity-rated disc...stick to something slower and play for Precision! Get a Bandit and you'll see its EASIER to Control! We've tested the Icon Bandit and we prefer it over Legacy's other Fairway Drivers!

Legacy Bandit Disc Golf Fairway Driver Info box


Is 9 Your Lucky Number!

World-wide [7] is considered the Luckiest Number! That said, the number 9 has been good to Legacy! The Icon Edition Bandit [Legacy's 9th Model] is also a 9-Speed. Was it PLANNED? It's doubtful! We think it's just a coincidence, because making the Bandit had Nothing to do with LUCK! The Bandit is about as PERFECTLY Balanced of driver as can be produced! Well Done Legacy!

Designed For Everyone!

The Bandit is an EZ thrower that everyone should use to stay in the center-cut! If you're long distance [10 to 14 speeders] are WILDLY inaccurate, maybe its time to try something different? We highly recommend getting an Icon Bandit and see if your Luck changes!


$15.99 ~ Get Your Masterpiece!

Legacy's Icon-Edition Bandit is a fusion of Material and Design Excellence! The Bandit gets our Top Choice for Legacy's Best Fairway Driver and is the perfect choice for your 1st driver. Bandit is the Goldie-Locks of drivers and it will help you throw with Perfect Confidence!

What the Numbers Tell You!

The 9-Speed Icon Bandit is a Plastic Masterpiece with a mellow 1-Fade, so it doesn't skip away from the target. We give the -2 Turn & 5 Glide [5 Stars] for keeping this Magnum-Opus aloft, so it can do its job of Stealing Strokes! Stick 'Em Up Birdie!



Legacy's 1st Fairway Driver!

The debut of the Pinnacle-Edition Rival came in Nov. 2012 and it's Legacy's [6th disc] mold. This is Legacy Disc's 1st Fairway Disc and also their 1st [7-Speed]. Rivals are produced in high-end Pinnacle & Icon Edition plastic. These plastic-types are more expensive and worth it! They'll pay you back by taking your rival's entry fees for years!

Precision Accuracy!

People like to think Faster is Better in this Sport, but it's NOT TRUE! With great form and technique you can BOOM a [7-Speed] very far, and do so with great accuracy! Rival's ability to Glide [5] keeps it moving FORWARD w/ease and control for excellent D! We dig the Icon Rival for Headwind Fairway Drives!

Legacy Golf Discs Rival Fairway Driver info box


What'll It Do?

The Legacy Rival is a small diameter Fairway Driver that's semi-stable and great into a head-wind. The disc isn't Blinding Fast, yet its 7-Speed is nicely complimented by its 5-Glide, so the disc stays aloft for good D! If thrown high & hard with some Turn...the Rival could surpass the 400' mark! The LIP is ergonomically sweet and not too big or deep! The disc's profile looks like a TeeBird, and it'll give the Legendary Teebird a Run-For-Its-Money!

We Stock Rival in 2-Editions.

Legacy produces the Rival in only their Pinnacle and Icon Plastic Editions. You can get them here in most weights and colors.


$15.99 ~ Take Out Your Rival!

If your semi-stable Fairway Driver is deficient...you're game will be deficient, especially on the gotta have 300' HYZER Birdie Holes. You'll make MORE accurate Tee and Fairway shots once you've Mastered the Rival. This is the TWEENER disc that you Go-To when you're not Confident that your Mid-range can make the jump, and/or your Distance Driver will be accurate enough. This disc takes little practice-time to Master.


This Superior Polymeric Stuff feels sweet to the touch and is hard-wearing. The Pinnacle Rival feels grabby in your hand and builds Game Confidence!



$15.99 ~ Your #1 Rival!

The Icon Rival is Legacy's most popular 7-Speed. This Rival is molded from synthetic polymers that are the best stuff for golf discs, and Icon Edition Plastic is their fastest and most durable material. This means your Rival will perform perfectly for you on every pull!

IMHO...This One Works Best!

Icon-Edition is our preferred plastic for Fairway Drivers, because Icon-Ed. exudes CONFIDENCE in your Head! This plastic won't bend, crack, or taco...Ever! So, DON'T FREAK when you hit an obstacle HARD...your Icon Rival won't Wear from its original state!



An American Patriot!

Legacy enlisted their 7th Disc [PATRIOT] in Feb. 2013 and its another excellent 7-Speed F-Driver. This disc is less stable and works well on long Tunnel-Shots! This is a NEWBIES perfect disc and available in Excel-Ed, so your credit-card won't get maxed-out to fill-up your bag. Pinnacle and Icon Edition are also produced and are sublime in the AMERICA-MADE Patriot.

Draw It Up!

This little Work-Horse can be ripped Back-hand HARD & NOSE-UP for a hole that requires an ANNY. The Patriot is under-stable at speed and will DRAW-OVER nicely to give you a look around the corner.

Legacy Golf Discs Patriot Fairway Driver info box


Made By Americans!

The Coolest Game Ever was invented by Americans! We invented Frisbee-Golf and the 1st Golf Disc was made Here! Disc Golf was "Made in the U.S.A.! THAT ROCKS! [We invented ROCK & ROLL TOO!] It also ROCKS that Legacy has a disc named the Patriot! It has Stars & Stripes on all 3-Editions Hot-stamp too!

Perfect for All Earthlings!

The Patriot is a Tweener-Disc that flies like a fast, under-stable mid-range with added distance. This 7-Speeder is accurate on negative turn drives, and Flip-Flat Hyzers down tunnels holes. The Patriot is perfect for Earthlings of all skill levels.


$7.99 ~ Are You A Patriot?

If your Turning Driver won't Turn-over, it's because you need a disc that's made for Negative-Turns! The Excel Patriot's [-2 Turn] coupled with its [5-Glide] make it a Dream Anhyzer-Disc! What is an Anhyzer you ask? It's lingo for any fore-hand or back-hand shot that TURNS the direction the disc is rotating. It's a complicated shot that takes practice to perfect. It's also needed to take your game to another level! The Patriot is the guy you call-on for an ANNY!


Excel-Edition is rigid and grips well in the Patriot. Excel plastic Factors quickly and will break-in to make it Anhyzer easily. That's why every new golfer should carry an Excel Patriot!



$15.99 ~ Ask What You Can Do For Birdies!

The Pinnacle Edition Patriot is the answer! The Patriot improves your tunnel-shots by going straight where you throw it. Also, not skipping wildly upon landing is an added amenity. If you're new to DG, please get a Pinnacle Patriot and practice 'til you can Tunnel-Shot like a Pro!

This One Can Be Rolled!

Roller Shots are the epitome of Technique! They take [Practice Galore] to Master, and require a Turning-disc. As your Patriot Factors from bumping into trees and rocks it will turn more easily. When released with your arm above your shoulder and with more SPIN; it will flip over onto its edge, and ROLL like a WHEEL!



$15.99 ~ 1st Choice For Flat-Hyzers!

The Icon Patriot will improve your tight tunnel-shots by holding a straight line when you Rip-It on a Flat-Hyzer. What ~ What? The Flat-Hyzer is a Frisbee-throw in which you drop the shoulder and angle of release slightly below your chest and pop it hard with added snap! The Laws of Physics will take over and Flip-the-disc-Flat, and your Icon Patriot will go straight and far.

Tell Me More?

The Icon-Edition Patriot is similar to Innova's Star Leopard with added Speed. It's a good 250'-300' Ace-Run disc, since many Ace-Holes are usually straight holes in that length. As your I.E. Patriot beats-up, it will turn-over more easily. That's when you're going to Master the Art of the Ace-Run!




Mongoose on the Loose!

Legacy released their 10th disc [Mongoose] in Feb. 2014 and it compliments their [9-Speed Bandit] nicely. The MONGOOSE is like a less-stable Bandit and can be used for Rollers right out of the box. This little KILLER eats Birdies for breakfast, Aces for lunch, and your Comp for Desert! This is a CRDG Fave likes its buddy the Icon Bandit!

Mo Money Mo Mongoose!

The Mongoose is MONEY! A good reference-frame is the Innova Star Sidewinder if you're in the know(?) Legacy Discs says its the easiest disc to learn to throw for beginners! This under-stable Fairway Driver is available in only the Icon-Edition Mongoose.

Legacy Golf Discs Mongoose Fairway Driver info box


Easiest Legacy Disc To Master!

Disc Golf is the Coolest Sport on Earth, although, it isn't the easiest to Master! But, it's easier to conquer with the right tools! Legacy says the 9-Speed Icon-Edition Mongoose is their easiest to learn, and we concur! The M-Goose is well-balanced and not as squirrelly as the double-digit speed golf discs. It helps new players throw An-Hyzer shots better, as it will hold a DRAW-LINE for the entire flight without fading back.

Mongoose Eat Snakes!

It's Ironic that the Mongoose [which likes to devour Snakes] is so much like an Innova Sidewinder (A SNAKE)! We think Legacy was [Going-There] when they named this one! The Mongoose is Killer and we Love this Little Rodent!


$15.99 ~ Need Some Negativity?

If your Negative-Turn Game is POOR...it's going to be a problem on DRAWS. The Icon Mongoose will fix that and may become your favorite driver! Are you lifting your arm over your head to get your disc to Anhyzer? If so, you're throwing the wrong driver! You'll be able to FLIP this [-3 Turn] Tour de Force like a Beat-up Pluto Platter.

Uber Plastic and Design!

The Mongoose is Legacy's best designed disc for accurate Downhill and/or Downwind 300' shots. These kinds of holes require more Turn & Glide to keep the disc from Hyzering out early! It's an easy hurl with a Mongoose.



It's Phenomenography!

Legacy released a phenomenal [13th disc] in Dec. 2015 and aptly named it [Phenom]! We studied the Icon-Edition Phenom and have empirical evidence that it improves your Confidence Immensely! Almost to the point of Hubris! So don't get too cocky when you're taking your opponent's Legal-Tender 'cause no one likes a getting their face Rubbed-In-It!

Just Enough Balance!

The Phenom's [8-Speed] & [5-Glide] make it Fast Enough and Long-Enough for long holes! And, its [-1 Turn] & [2-Fade] keep it Stable-Enough, so it Turns, but doesn't Flip like a Paper Plate! Legacy did a GOOD-JOB making Phenom very balanced; it's like a cross between an Innova Star Eagle and G-Star Thunderbird.

Legacy Golf Discs Phenom Fairway Driver info box


Most Balanced Driver!

Disc Golf requires a perfect balance of discs [in your bag] from short to long, and stable to under-stable...to Master the Sport! Like Ball-Golf...Disc Golf has its Go-To Drivers, and Phenom is that disc. A slight turn in the beginning of its flight and slightly more fade at the end of its flight makes for pinpoint accuracy.

1 Disc Wonder!

Let's say you're wanting only 1-driver in your bag(?) Which disc would you choose? Well, you don't want a 14-Speed [too fast] or a -3 Turn [too flippy]! A 3-Glide is [too short] and a 3-fade is [too much hook]. The Phenom is an 8 speed w/high 5-Glide that doesn't stray from the line you release it on. It has Balance!


$15.99 ~ Need Some BALANCE?

The 8-Speed Icon Phenom is So-Balanced it could replace almost every driver in your bag. The Phenom can be thrown in many situations and with practice you'll see its For-Real! Thrown high & hard with slight turn...the Phenom will Glide for Big-D. Put it on a Flat-Hyzer and your Phenom will hold-the-line and Fade predictably on 300' Hyzer Birdie Holes. It could become your favorite driver!

Phenomenal Design!

The Icon Edition Phenom can also handle some head-wind! And, if thrown [Hyzer] with some torque/spin it will skip [up and in] for a Phenomenal ACE!



Your Friend in the Wind!

Legacy released a GUTSY 16th disc [ENEMY] and its 1st Flight was in 2016...How Apropos! This is a MEANY disc that you must befriend! The Icon Edition Enemy is needed to beat-down the Biggest Bully to your game's Confidence...The Wind! Enemy's are Fast @ 9-Speed and have decent distance; if you have the arm-power! The control is awesome for powerful Hyzers into a head-wind. The Enemy is comparable to Innova's Star Firebird.

Get Some Stability In Your Life!

The Enemy is recommended [by Legacy] for advanced players, but we advise all beginners to learn a Super-Stable Driver early on, 'cause it's easier to throw Fade up-shots in the wind. If the Hyzer-Line is open and it's windy...throw your Enemy!

Legacy Golf Discs Enemy Fairway Driver info box


Most STABLE Driver!

Disc Golf requires a you to Master many types of throws to Go Pro! For many golf discs the wind is a tyrant that is constantly harassing where the disc wants to go. Playing in the wind isn't as tricky with the right driver! The Icon-Edition Enemy is that disc! The Enemy is extra-stable and it Eats-Up head-winds for a Snack!

Throw the Tummer!

The Thumber-Shot is a specialized toss that's HURLED over-hand like a Baseball. It's great for going OVER trees and can get you [Out of Jail] when there's no where else to go, but up! The Enemy is excellent for A.K.A. Tomahawks, but BEWARE...it can be hard on your arm!


$15.99 ~ You Need Some Enemies?

The 9-Speed Icon Enemy is Super Stable and the perfect choice for Head-wind, Skip, Thumbers, and Spike Hyzer Shots. Anywhere that requires a disc to HOOK-HARD the Enemy is your Friend! All of these throws are best performed with a disc that's like-new and Icon-Edition Plastic will keep your Enemy NEW longer than anything on the market!

Skip Ace Disc!

Throwing under branches and skipping the disc doesn't work for just any disc! The more stable a driver is...the easier it will be to fade onto a hard edge upon landing, and then jump-up for an Ace! The Enemy does it REALLY well and is great for skipping a shot around a corner too!

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