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The Star Manta 1st Run Proto Star Edition is slightly stable when thrown with finesse, and under-stable when tossed with power. This beautiful Mid-Range features Innova’s VTech rim for a better handle and is slightly domey. The Manta is a great choice for less experienced Disc Golfers, or people who’d like to carry fewer discs.

Star Plastic is Tough!

The Star Manta [1st Run edition] is made from grippy, firm, Star-Line plastic that’s very durable and almost indestructible.

SPEED: 5, GLIDE: 5, TURN: -3,  FADE: 1


Man is the Manta Great!

The Innova Star Manta 1st Run Edition was released in late January 2017 and is available in Extremely Limited Quantities, so it should be added to your COLLECTION! Innova only releases [1-RUN] with this 1st Run Proto-Star Hot-Stamp. It’s a Collector’s Disc that may be worth many Hundreds of Dollars some day!

Looks and Feels Great!

First off…the Proto-Star Hot-stamp work is REALLY GOOD on these Star Manta 1st Run discs. We haven’t seen any with a blemished stamp! The Innova Manta is made from grippy, firm Star-Line plastic that’s very durable and very Collectible! The Manta is a stable to under-stable Mid-Range featuring V-Tech and it fits perfectly in your palm. The Manta is a large diameter disc (same size as a Roc) with a small-ish front-lip.

Flies Quite Nicely!

For a reference-frame…the Manta will fly similar to your old beat-up Star Roc or Star Roc3. It has plenty of Glide [5] and Turn [-3] that keeps it tracking forward in a straight line. Manta has a gentle turn when thrown with power and smooth straight glide when thrown flat with moderate power. If turned over slightly the Manta will hold a nice Anhyzer all the way through its flight.

Newbies Need a Manta!

The Manta is a good choice for beginners and is ideal for any player looking for a “beat in” Mid-Range for finesse shots. You don’t have wait on your Roc3 to break in…just get a Manta!

Diameter: 21.8cm
Available Plastics and Weight Range:
  • 1st Run Star Manta: 165-175g Current Manta

Best Choice for:

  • Understable Mid-Range
  • Like a Highly-Factored Roc
  • Easy to Grip and Release
  • Great for Beginners

Additional information


Light Blue, Orange, White, Yellow


179-180 grams


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